Dedicated and reliable


The horticultural industry has changed a lot throughout the years. Upscaling and technical innovation continue to have a big impact on how greenhouse operations are being run.

Since a modern greenhouse operation is more dependant on technology, the choice for quality materials is clear. On top of that, a standard solution doesn't do anymore : every project is tailor made. And a fast and excellent service is crucial.

As a supplier, Hortiplan meets with all these expectations. Our biggest added value is our staff. Their dedication, motivation and 'drive' makes the difference. It makes us deliver every project according to plan and schedule and arranges for us to excel in after sales service. Our people do not only know their job : they are also familiar with yours.

This makes Hortiplan a lot more than just a supplier. We are an experienced, reliable partner for our customers, always ready to deliver innovative solutions. 

At Hortiplan, you buy so much more than just an installation. We offer reliability and dedication, again and again.


Niek Depoorter