World wide Hortiplan is the market leader for mobile gully systems for growing leafy greens. This growing system, in which gullies with plants in them move in an automated way from the planting side to the harvesting station, makes  hydroponic growing of leafy greens and herbs possible since more than 20 years.

An optimal plant density during every phase of the growing process together with minimal labour requirement make for a quick return on investment. Plant nutrition is done by means of NFT (nutrient film technique). Through an individual water inlet, every gully receives the right amount of nutrient solution that flows like a thin film through the gully. All water is in recirculation, meaning that all drain water is re-used after filtration and redosing with nutrients.

It doesn't have to end with the installation of a mobile gully system. Hortiplan offers far going solutions regarding automation of both planting and harvesting. In a way, a greenhouse with a MGS can be compared with a well organised factory!

Through our vast experience, our world wide expertise and our continuous improvement, there is no doubt that Hortiplan is the most reliable partner for your mobile gully system. Tailor made design and an impecable after sales service are proper to our approach.