Water plays a prominent role in a modern greenhouse operation. Without enough water of good quality, a good crop is hard to achieve. Storage, treatment, enrichment with nutrients and distribution are crucially important.

Due to its vast experience, Hortiplan can design, install and service the right approach for every crop, whether it is in a greenhouse environment or in open field.

For water storage we install tanks and bassins, depending on the needs and wishes. To maintain quality during storage, we can provide aerators and ultrasonic equipment.

For almost all crops and substrates we can offer a guaranteed disinfection by means of a low pressure UV disinfection unit. Besides UV disinfection we also install ECA-units for the treatment of drain water and nutrient solutions. If required, desalination can be realised through reversed osmosis.

Hortiplan builds its proper pump sets.  We choose for high quality pumps and design a solution with a low electricity consumption.

The irrigation units are assembled and installed by Hortiplan, whether you choose for a solution with a mixing tanc or a unit for liquid fertilizers.