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We were able to help these companies with our MGS solutions. Discover their stories below.

Lufa Farms, Montreal, Canada - Leafy greens & herbs, 0.7ha on rooftop

Vegetable and fruit producer Lufa Farms builds ‘greenhouses in the city’, more specifically on the rooftops of large, industrial buildings. In these greenhouses, Lufa Farms has chosen to grow lettuce, herbs and other crops with the help of a Hortiplan MGS. It proves how MGS is an innovative and smart solution to answer new consumers' needs for fresh food. Local producers have a profitable sales market and the city benefits from the optimum use of land, water and energy consumption.

Hollandia California

Hollandia, Carpinteria, California - Lettuce, 6 Ha

Hydroponics are really in the spotlight for good reasons at the moment, especially in California because of the drought. As you know, hydroponics conserves a lot of water versus regular farming. Hollandia produces butter lettuce, upland cress, and 3-in-1 lettuce. Thanks to the Hortiplan MGS, Hollandia is able to provide many of the major supermarket chains with a year-round supply of fresh, premium quality produce.

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Deliscious, Beesel, The Netherlands

Deliscious, Beesel, The Netherlands - Lettuce, 4.6 Ha

For nearly 50 years, the family business Deliscious has been growing the tastiest lettuce in the Netherlands. Thanks to their innovative and enterprising mindset, they chose a Hortiplan MGS to grow lettuce plants in channels filled with nutrient-rich water. It enabled them to create a unique, very precise and controlled production process which guarantees quality, freshness and sustainability all year round.

Their root ball lettuce is a top product.

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Case Johan Desmet

Johan Desmet, Izegem, Belgium - lettuce, 5 Ha

Johan Desmet and his wife Mirjam Vandoorne were the first people in West Flanders to start growing lettuce with hydroponics. They wanted more working comfort, meaning space saving, fewer workers, and to avoid using treatment products to protect their crops.

The answer was the MGS and service of Hortiplan.

Case Haubner

Jochen Haubner, client of Hortiplan in Germany

"12 years ago, I experienced the impact of growing a crisp salad in 35°C in the shade in the midday sun. The roots that were still attached to the salad made this possible. Ever since, this idea never left me. And that is exactly what we do now at Salajoe."

La Cruz, Chili - Lettuce
Agers, Saint Petersburg Russia

Agers, Saint Petersburg Russia, 2 Ha

In 2020, we also completed a 3-ha project in Yelets near Moscow.

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