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Horticulture is one of the most innovative sectors of the economy. New insights and evolving technological innovations are needed to run a modern horticultural company. The focus is always on increased revenue and cost reduction, combined with risk control and optimized process insights. Choosing quality materials and investing in innovative technology has become a necessity. Hortiplan always remains at the forefront of new technologies and changing market needs. This is why we are able to deliver the best possible horticultural services and solutions such as climate control, electrical solutions, plant nutrition and irrigation systems.

Electric & ClimateSolutions

Electric Solutions

The introduction of climate computers, artificial lighting, internal transport and automation have had a great impact on greenhouse cultivation. Electrical engineering in a greenhouse environment has never been as important as it is today. Therefore, reliability and sustainability are key during the entire cultivation process. We know how important it is to choose the right components, and what clever engineering and fast and accurate after sales can do. At Hortiplan, we have the knowledge and the experience to provide all the electrical engineering that is needed for a professional horticultural operation: from electrical boxes, switch boards and sound installations, to alarms, cabling and more... We do it all, and this, in Belgium and abroad!

Climate Solutions

In a greenhouse operation, it is all about the crop. To obtain the best possible results, it all starts with proper climate control. Hortiplan supports optimal climate control in your greenhouse by making complicated growing processes, intelligible and controllable. Hortiplan manages the distribution, installation and aftercare of Hoogendoorn and Hortimax computers, which are both excellent for greenhouse automation. These brands offer powerful, modern and fast solutions for controlling the optimal climate. It enables you to better manage costs and risks and, therefore, delivers higher yields and efficiency.

Nutrition & Local Cases

Water Solutions & Nutrition

At Hortiplan, we recirculate 100% of the required water and provide organic and/or inorganic nutrition to the plants. Water plays a prominent role in a modern greenhouse operation. Without sufficient good quality water, it is difficult to cultivate a good crop. Storage, treatment, enrichment with nutrients and distribution are crucially important. Due to its vast experience, Hortiplan can design, install and service the right approach for every crop, whether it is in a greenhouse environment or in open field.

Local Cases

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