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Horticulture is one of the most innovative sectors of the economy. New insights and evolving technological innovations are needed to run a modern horticultural business. The focus is always on increased revenue and cost reduction, combined with risk management and optimized process insights. Choosing high-quality materials and investing in innovative technology has become a necessity. Hortiplan is and remains the forerunner with new technologies that respond to changing market needs. That’s why we are able to deliver the best possible solutions in the field of water storage and treatment, climate control, electrical engineering.

Irrigation & Electric


Climate computers, lighting, internal transport and automation have a major impact on greenhouse horticulture. Electrical engineering in a greenhouse environment has never been as important as it is now. That’s why reliability and durability are essential throughout the entire cultivation process. We know how important it is to choose the right components and what difference smart engineering and fast and accurate after-sales service make. At Hortiplan, we have the knowledge and experience to provide all the electrical engineering needed: from switch cabinets, switchboards and sound systems to alarms, cabling and much more… We do it all, both domestically and abroad!


In a greenhouse, everything revolves around the crop. To achieve the best possible results, it all starts with perfect climate control. Hortiplan takes care of the installation and aftercare of the climate computers from Hoogendoorn and Hortimax, both of which are excellent for greenhouse automation. These brands offer powerful, modern and fast solutions for controlling the optimal climate. It enables you to better manage costs and risks, therefore delivering higher returns and efficiency. It enables you to better manage costs and risks and, therefore, delivers higher yields and efficiency.


In English, it translates to "Water plays a prominent role in the cultivation of crops under glass or in tunnels. Without sufficient water of good quality, it is difficult to achieve a good harvest. Water storage, water treatment, the production of the nutrient solution and even distribution of the nutrient solution are crucial. Thanks to its extensive experience, Hortiplan can design, install and maintain the right approach for each crop, whether it is in a glass greenhouse, plastic tunnel or in the open field.


Hortiplan offers custom-made lighting solutions, both with LED and SonT lighting, including hybrid solutions. After all, your plants deserve the right amount of light and the best fitting spectrum.


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