Image of crops in a Hortiplan-installed farm

Welcome to Hortiplan

It is our mission to support every professional grower, investor or research institution with their wishes and needs regarding horticultural automation. Hortiplan stands for custom-made automated horticultural technology such as mobile gutter systems (MGS), climate and electrical engineering, irrigation and lighting. We know that continuous innovation is the answer to the ever-changing needs of the market. Thanks to our innovative approach and our highly committed team of experts, Hortiplan can make a difference for your business

Our systems

Mobile Gully Systems (MGS)

Optimal plant densities, automation of labor, a minimum of crop protection, … Does this seem too good to be true? Our fully automated mobile gutter system (MGS) takes the cultivation of leaf crops to a higher level by ensuring the highest production results per square meter per year with very limited labor costs.

Irrigation & Electricity

Hortiplan closely follows the latest developments in the field of climate, water and electrical engineering. Do you have questions about water treatment or storage, a specific approach to climate control or another aspect of automation? We are happy to help you further with the solution that best meets your needs and wishes.


Do you want to grow plants all year round? Hortiplan offers custom-made lighting solutions, both with LED and SonT lighting, including hybrid solutions. After all, your plants deserve the right amount of light and the best fitting spectrum.


Your installation needs service and maintenance. Our dedicated team of technicians is here to support you, 24/7. Experienced and professionally trained service technicians, together with skilled technicians are ready to keep your installation running. They take control of the installation remotely, whatever your problem or question may be. Because we believe that reliable service is key to a perfect partnership. Choosing Hortiplan, is choosing for an impeccable service! 24/7 service: + 32 (0) 15 31 67 02