Hollandia, Carpinteria, California

Hollandia, Carpinteria, California - Lettuce, 6 Ha

Hydroponics are really in the spotlight for good reasons at the moment, especially in California because of the drought. As you know, hydroponics conserve a lot of water versus regular farming. Hollandia produces butter lettuce, upland cress, and 3-in-1 lettuce. Thanks to the Hortiplan MGS, Hollandia is able to provide many of the major supermarket chains with a year-round supply of fresh, premium quality produce.

Case North Shore, Coachella Valley

North Shore, Coachella Valley, Southern California - Herbs, 2 Ha

The southern climate of California is ideal for the greenhouse company of herbal growers, Leo and Suzette Overgaag. They produce various popular herb varieties such as rosemary, sage and thyme and basil using a Hortiplan MGS. For their newly built 10.000 m² project, they utilized the expertise and close consultation of Hortiplan. Compared to their previous installations, the MGS from Hortiplan has a greater return and efficiency. This is due to very specific automation and to much larger plant densities.

Go Green Agriculture, Encinitas, Californie

Go Green Agriculture, Encinitas, California - lettuce, 3.5 Ha

Go Green Agriculture is one of the largest organic-hydroponic producers in the U.S. Founded in 2009, the company is on a mission to setup farms across the country to grow organic produce locally and sustainably in every city in the U.S. Go Green has chosen Hortiplan as preferred partner to make 100% organic produce possible with top quality products, all year round.

Thanks to the Mobile Gully System from Hortiplan, the total crop production is multiple times higher compared to outdoor cultivation and is more sustainable. For companies such as Go Green with a strong vision of sustainability, this result is an ecological dream.

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