Our systems

Hydroponic Mobile Gully System

GOING FOR THE HIGHEST GROWTH PERFORMANCE Does optimal plant density combined with labor cost-savings, without crop protection application sound too good to be true? Our FULLY AUTOMATED MOBILE GULLY SYSTEM (MGS) takes hydroponics to the next level by guaranteeing the highest production rates per square meter per year with very limited labor.

Horticulture Technology

GOING FOR HIGHER YIELD, 365 DAYS A YEAR Our smart horticultural technologies__ offer modern and fast solutions for optimal climate control, electrical engineering, irrigation and other automated solutions.


GOING FOR OPTIMAL LIGHTING CONDITIONS Do you want to grow plantswith optimum light for photosynthesis, all year round? Hortiplan offers tailor-made lighting solutions for both simple and high-tech applications. This way, plants always receive the right amount of light and correct characteristics on an ongoing basis.

Hortiplan BV
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