Water solutions

Water Solutions

Hortiplan installs tanks and basins for water storage, depending on your needs and wishes. To maintain quality during storage, we provide aerators and ultrasonic equipment.

For almost all crops and substrates, we guarantee disinfection using a low-pressure UV disinfection unit. Besides UV-disinfection we also install ECA-units for the treatment of drained water and nutrient solutions. If required, desalination can be realized through reversed osmosis.

We also build pump sets by choosing high-quality pumps and designing a solution with low electricity consumption. The irrigation units are assembled and installed by Hortiplan, whether you choose a solution with a mixing tank or a unit for liquid fertilizers.



Each crop needs to receive a suitable nutrient solution.

Hortiplan provides you with the right equipment for fertigation.

We have designed and installed our own nutrition units since 1977.